Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Traditional Shell Readings

Oshuns Botanica is pleased to now offer authentic, traditional shell readings by Baba Omigbemi Olumaki. Baba Omigbemi Olumaki is a Babalorisa of the Orisa Yemaya Ogunte, initiated as Padre Nganga Nkisi of Nkuyo Malaongo Cortalima Cordosa Mayombe and the Chief Priest of Nso Kikulu, a name meaning "The house of those who know growing up". Baba has been involved in the traditions of his mother's African homeland since birth and initiated more than half his life. Baba Omigbemi is a strong vessel for the divinities and is well versed in the Palo tradition as well as the Yoruba Orisa tradition giving accurate, non biased advice and perception to your problems and situations.

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